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The use of specific identification systems for horses is valuable for several reasons. On large ranches and or at riding stables, where several horses may be of the same sex, age or color (with similar markings), differentiation may be difficult in daily management practices. Marked horses are less likely to be stolen as they can be traced more easily by law enforcement officers. Also, specific identification of horses discourages fraudulent practices with registration papers. Lastly, many ranches or owners simply want to personalize horses they've bred, owned and or those horses of which they are extremely proud.

If owners are going to brand several horses each year for several years, some thought should be given to a branding system. Important information to include in a branding system may be sire, dam, date of horse's birth, individual horse number,etc., depending on the operation and how the horses are to be used or marketed. Branding systems are available from state livestock associations, brand inspectors and ranchers. Be sure to check with your county clerk, county extension agent or state brand inspection agency about branding and brand ownership regulations. The State of California has specific regulations for horse and cattle branding. You must register your brand and will be issued a certificate titled "Livestock Identification". You must be sure the symbols and or brand idea is not already spoken for by another cattle ranch or equine operation.

Horses are commonly branded on the left or right jaw, shoulder, thigh, hip or butt, (beside the tail). Certain sites can be further divided if branding systems warrant. For example, the thigh area can be divided into four sites-12:00 (above center), 3:00 (right of center), 6:00 (below center), and 9:00 (left of center). When branding on the shoulder, be sure that the iron head is not partially on a thinner muscle mass over the scapula with the remainder of the iron head on a heavier, deeper muscle mass not covering bone. Unequal head pressure can produce a non-uniform brand.

2 and 3 inch letters, 2 and 3 inch numerals, rockers, rafters, stars, bars, arrows, hearts, lightning bolt, diamond, square, traingle and horse shoe. Custom made brands are also available for ordering. You may choose 1 or a combination of irons to create your own identification mark. Keep in mind that your symbols can not overlap unless you have a custom made brand. Irons are considered "Standard" when the characters do not touch each other and are separated by some space. Example:

Custom made irons are considered "Special" when the characters of the iron deviate from the "Standard" block lettering, are connected on the face of the iron, or are touching each other in any way.


All irons are made of rust resistant non-corrosive copper alloy with the highest quality metals and proud superior workmanship by L & H Manufacturing Company.

For more information or to schedule an appointment please contact:
Sunnie Rose at Sunwolf Farms (661) 245-9653


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